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Phase I, Phase II and Transaction Screens

ASTM E1527-13 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

When you have BEC perform your PHASE I ESA site assessment, we guarantee that the level of detail in our reports we will meet or exceed the ASTM-E1527-13 standard and fulfill the legal obligations of due diligence regarding the property. Baker Environmental Consulting can provide all necessary additional media testing as an addition to the standard PHASE I protocol. Our professional field staff has more than 30 years of combined experience performing site assessments; their insight and expert knowledge will help you with your due diligence duties. Our competitive prices for completing basic Phase I investigations start at $1,300.

If it is time to bring existing Phase I ESA up to date your, BEC will provide the ASTM Standard report in short order and for a reasonable price.

Our Phase I ESA Report

Our report format exactly matches that specified in the ASTM-E1527-13 Standard. The provided information exceeds the standard requirements. Working with our partners at EDR, BEC provides maps, photographs, historical drawings, plans and detailed written descriptions of the property and its surrounds. Details of all contacts with local authorities are summarized in each report. Our reports are provided in electronic form with a written report provided if requested. The costs of all necessary Letters of Reliance are included in the original fees for the assessment. In addition, our licensed partners can provide architectural, engineering and structural inspections as requested. The following is a partial list of databases searched as a standard part of our services:

Key Sections of Our Phase I Report:

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I may indicate that a property requires Phase II testing to better characterize discovered condition(s). In the event that a Phase II is required, BEC will coordinate the work with its local and regional partners. Our experience and long term relationships can save you money and provide you with the information you need to make qualified property decisions. Working together with our geotechnical partners, we will produce a sampling plan that takes into account site topography, groundwater depths and, if available, existing surrounding sub-surface studies; this approach can limiting sampling needs saving you money.

We will use the site to develop a sampling plan that will define the contaminants associated with the problems identified in the Phase One Environmental Site Assessment.

Typical Sampling Completed In a Phase II Assessment

All samples are properly preserved, documented on a chain of custody and delivered to the appropriate certified laboratory(ies) for analysis. Results will be complied in an easily readable report including drawings, digital photographs and remediation options (if necessary). Your report will be presented in electronic form with a written report provide upon request.

If contamination is found, BEC will work with you and our partners to design remediation plans. We will be there throughout the life of the project.

ASTM E1528-14 Transaction Screens

Transaction screens (sometimes referred to as a limited Phase One Assessments or Limited Environmental Due Diligence) consist of a very detailed Records Search and an on-site investigation by one of our trained professionals. Our services are assured to meet or exceed the ASTM-E1528-14 standard. This more speedy and less expensive investigation of the specified and surrounding properties provides a standardized approach to environmental due diligence that offers a generally acceptable degree of confidence about the environmental condition(s) of the property. This format is only recommended for low impact uses such as undeveloped rural or residential properties. Please call our professionals if you are not sure about your due diligence requirements.

The Transaction Screen Report

The Transaction Screen report is produced with the help of our partners at EDR. The report specifically follows the requirements in the ASTM E1528-14 Standard and includes maps of your property showing any suspect surrounding sites found on the databases, color digital photographs, field and interview summaries, and copies of the ASTM checklist.